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  • Sowing the Seeds of Events Success - Barenbrug at SALTEX

    As Barenbrug returned to SALTEX 2018, we were on-hand to help them sow the seeds of events success.

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    The grass experts, Barenbrug know how to encourage growth not only with their industry leading grass seed but also in how they market their business. Returning to SALTEX, we were on-hand to help them sow the seeds of events success.

    Building upon the same footprint and features of their recent events, the stand retains green credentials, repurposing elements of the previous builds to reduce waste and provide greater ROI. The bright yellow colours of Barenbrug paired with their bold sans serif type & branding offer up an instantly recognisable and visible presence within the event. A high-level tower and eye-catching circular banner ensure maximum attention, with grass effect graphic lettering providing an added dimension.

    Simple shapes, an open design and a two-tone floor guide visitors into the space, offering up lush displays of Barenbrug’s professional grass seed range, complete with temptingly touchable turf. When conversations begin to grow away from general networking toward business, on-stand meeting areas provide an oasis, tucked away aside the tower. If that wasn’t enough, an on-stand popcorn machine provides that added incentive to ‘pop’ by.


  • Supporting Schemes - Aviva at Broker Expo 2018

    As a key sponsor, Aviva Broker needed a space that could showcase their unique schemes approach and intrigue visitors at this bustling event...

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    As schemes zone sponsor for Insurance Age’s Broker Expo event, Aviva Broker needed a space that could showcase their unique schemes approach and intrigue visitors at this bustling event. Always well attended, Aviva has developed a niche unto themself as a go-to exhibitor sure to impress. Passionate about their products and services, we worked with their creative agencies to translate the contemporary broker brand and messages into an expansive 3D event environment, whilst retaining the essence of Aviva’s iconic overall brand.

     With Broker Expo built upon relationships, networking and striking up business, an open space for conversation was always essential, with this supported by sleek high level tables and seating. A split wood-effect and bright Aviva blue carpet present a striking impression from the ground up. Unencumbered by continuous large structures, the freestanding light boxes divide more intimate meeting spaces on the stand for developing business in more private discussions. Vibrant fabric graphics within the light boxes celebrate the incredible scope of Aviva’s schemes offering, celebrating the niche know-how of their visitor, whilst adding rich color and light to the space.

     The branded tower with contemporary backlit logo ensures Aviva’s schemes zone stands-out to visitors from their first step into the venue. Across the space a combined light box and digital display unit present key messages at all approaches, coaxing in prospective visitors and ensuring a cohesive brand experience across the open-plan stand. We were delighted to use our own specialist skills to support Aviva at Broker Expo, with Aviva’s own passion for collaboration at the heart of this build in a niche we are proud to call ours.


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  • Norfolk B2B...Here's the Scoop

    The full scoop on why Norfolk B2B is the perfect local entrèe to events marketing success...

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    The answer we were all waiting for? Raspberry Ripple.

    Maybe it was the tempting twist of colour, perhaps the combination of flavours, we’re not sure…but the number one flavour of Norfolk B2B 2018 was indeed, raspberry ripple. Visitors ate up our quirky take on the flavours of Image Display and Graphics. Creative design, events, project management and exhibition build all featured on the menu as we used a vibrant custom light-box, floor graphics and bespoke counter to serve up our key services. That’s not all that exhibitors and visitors had a taste for, with a definitive air of creativity & diversity across the event. Attracting over 100 exhibitors, with opportunities to network, learn new skills and forge meaningful connections, Norfolk B2B serves as a great introduction to the benefits of live events.

    Speaking with Mark Shields of the EDP, we highlighted the impressive creativity on show, with Iain Cosham, managing director of Image Display & Graphics sharing that ‘this year we’ve helped more people to be a bit more interactive – just because it’s a B2B event doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and entertaining’. Attending the B2B exhibition since the early 1990s, we have certainly seen an evolution in how businesses approach their events, even on a more intimate scale. From VR to themed putting greens, more businesses are considering how to create an experience that immerses visitors and position that all-important ‘interesting angle’ that sets them apart from the crowd.

    It’s exciting to see the local business community buying into the value of events, beginning to cultivate their own strategies, experiences and aspirations. Nova Fairbank, public affairs manager at the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce also spoke with Mark Shields of the EDP. Sharing a wider theme shared across events success stories like Norfolk B2B, Ms Fairbank said the next event will be ‘even bigger and better’. Exhibitions and live events continue to grow as one of the most successful marketing platforms in the world, with local iterations like Norfolk B2B the ideal entrée. If you and your business have developed a taste for events there is a whole buffet of opportunities out there, you just need to let us know – what’s your flavour?

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  • Disrupting Convention - A Modern Modular Re-Design for NUA

    We help NUA Disrupt Convention with this custom modular kit...

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    With their aspiration to ‘Disrupt Convention’ it was clear that a standard off the shelf solution wouldn’t quite provide the impact Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) was looking for as a dynamic creative community. So began a more unusual project for our team to explore how to create a custom look using a modular system that the NUA team could comfortably transport and assemble themselves.

    Mindful of budget and build requirements, we developed a solution utilising the existing ‘T3’ components NUA possessed, carefully constructing a bigger bolder frame by adding compatible elements to their kit. The bright iconic colours of NUA and contemporary minimalist design truly catch the eye, with a large format fabric graphic seamlessly integrated into the main wall of the frame. Clearly displaying the exciting array of courses available, the large graphics inform and draw in visitors without becoming over-crowded.

    Complementing the redesigned stand, custom built counters add further form & function, blending with the overall colour scheme & serving as storage for on-stand literature. Colourful angled ‘sail’ graphics protrude from the counters in bespoke aluminium frames, proudly showcasing NUA students’ work on the stand. From early concepts though to production, we relished the opportunity to partner with this fantastic local university. NUA continues to offer top quality teaching and an evolving creative scene right here in the heart of Norwich. We can’t wait to see the stand in action & how they continue to disrupt convention!


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  • A Pawesome Packaging Revolution – Naturediet at PATS Telford 2018

    'Better Taste, Less Waste' - Supporting Naturediet's revolutionary pet food packaging launch at PATS Telford 2018

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    Kicking off their ‘better taste, less waste’ campaign signalling a revolution in pet-food packaging, Naturediet unveiled their vibrant environmentally conscious packaging at PATS Telford 2018.

    The centre-piece of their PATS presence, we knew the importance of the eco-conscious Tetra Pak containers and partnered with Farrows Design, ensured this formed an integral part of Naturediet’s event from design to build. With advantages in ease of transportation, reduced waste, a lower carbon footprint, smaller CO2 emissions and not least leaving plastic behind, there was plenty to shout…or rather bark about. To draw attention to the big impact of this little package, we created a bespoke big-brother Tetra Pak, proudly welcoming visitors to the show and sign-posting to the array of products waiting on the stand!

    Embodying their environmental efforts within the event, we worked closely to reuse and repurpose components of our previous projects with Naturediet to maximum effect. With bold type and rich colouring, the packaging paired brilliantly with the crisp white brick and natural wood tones of the stand. Integrated lighting ensured a consistently bright welcoming space, with bespoke display stands offering up 360° views of the products to visitors. Adapting these displays with custom product holders ensured a snug uniform fit, for maximum impact.  Meanwhile clean back-lit branding displayed the Naturediet logo, with their promise of ‘the finest food – naturally’ arguably taking on new meaning with this launch.

    An industry battling wastage & the challenge of good environmental practice in fast paced often transient events, we were delighted to play a part in Naturediet’s pioneering campaign as we aim to deliver better events, with less waste.