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  • Little Labels, BIG Impact – Sinclair at Fruit Logistica 2019

    A vibrant colour-filled design and build for Sinclair International, making an impact with their stand at Fruit Logistica 2019

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    Covering every single sector of the fresh produce industry, Fruit Logistica 2019 welcomed 3,239 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors. With their industry trend report aptly suggesting ‘surprises in store’, we couldn’t wait to showcase our work for Sinclair International this year.

    Following a sharp, subtly styled rebrand and renewed web presence, we knew our custom exhibition stand for Sinclair International needed a fresh approach too. Flashes of colour adorn the 10 x 5 metre space, with this diverse palette opened up in Sinclair’s online make-over complementing the natural woods and feature plants across the space. Full height light-boxes stand in sequence, showcasing the Sinclair advantage; service, innovation, food safety & sustainability, with the rich graphics engaging and informing visitors in equal measure. Divided with unique illuminated colour bars, the light-boxes pop out from their surroundings, elevating the aesthetic of the subtly darker wood effect soffit above. This effect is mirrored in the bespoke bar counter, with cool LED edge lighting further enhancing the contrasting wood patterns and stylish new eco-label graphic fascia.

    With continued evolution as a business and brand, we ensured every possibility to deliver Sinclair’s innovations was leveraged. From each approach, the stand delivers arresting views that draw prospective visitors to the diverse colourful space. With the importance of showcasing their machines and expertise live on the stand, it was key to maintain a functional open area. Carefully positioned furnishings provide informal meeting areas & opportunity to connect with visitors across the stand, whilst preserving space to show visitors just what Sinclair’s expertise can achieve. Even whilst moving on and off the stand, it would be difficult not to notice the unique Sinclair floor graphics. Emulating a roll of labels, the graphic perfectly accents the split effect floor and perhaps symbolises a larger theme for Sinclair at Fruit Logistica 2019…little labels, certainly can have a big impact!


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  • Disaster Recovery, Robots & Resilience - Sungard at BCI World 2018

    We continue to support Sungard in their engaging event marketing with this custom stand complete with robo-recovery challenge...

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    From a bespoke scalextric brand experience, to a fully customised RC 4x4 and assault course, we continue to support Sungard as they weave unique interactions into their event marketing.

    Offering such creative interactions that connect to their brand and showcase their industry leading services, we knew BCI World 2018 would be no exception, especially with Sungard the headline sponsor. An annual conference and exhibition bringing together continuity and resilience professionals to network, share best practice & witness the latest in the industry, Sungard’s unique space had to both capture interest and inform visitors. Drawing on the unique corner shape, the stand space provides a cohesive brand experience, whilst subtly separating the interaction from a more intimate meeting space. Sungard’s distinct corporate colours immediately provide a stand-out presence with angular effects emulating their logo adorning the floor and graphic walls creating a contemporary aesthetic.  

    An inviting graphic cityscape & vibrant coloured LED lighting provide the backdrop for their disaster recovery challenge. A branded robotic companion is on-hand to ‘recover’ the elements of infrastructure and deposit them in a safe zone, with a prize for the person quickest across the immersive themed obstacle course. Meanwhile, around the corner from the interaction a digital display and array of seating provide scope to hold informal discussions, meetings and for visitors to learn more about Sungard and their services on the stand. As Sungard continues to grow and showcase their ever-evolving services, values and brand, we relish new challenges to communicate this through unique experiential marketing.

  • The Electronica Experience with Holystone

    On our events road-trip across Europe, we head to the biggest Electronica Exhibition yet, to deliver an energetic event environment for Holystone...

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    The Electronica experience in Munich has continued to grow as one of the world’s premiere exhibitions for components, systems, applications and solutions that form the electronics of the future. Welcoming 80,000 visitors this year, Electronica has seen a 10% increase in visitors and remains a reliable example of the power & reach live events possess. This power is something that regular client and Electronica attendee Holystone, know all about, once again calling on ourselves and One Agency to collaborate on a striking stand that communicates their world-class products and ongoing development.

    With clean, bright, angular features, the Holystone stand quickly asserts itself within the Electronica show with the energetic blue colouring instantly eye-catching. A subtle circuitry effect complements each graphic, providing a cohesive and appropriately themed look whilst not detracting from the info-graphic elements. Carefully considered internal lighting illuminates the large-scale branded light box as well as providing down lighting for the graphics below. A digital display sits affront an integrated store room to deliver key information about Holystone’s impressive technological developments and new premises planned for completion in 2020. Contemporary podium displays bring the incredible intricacy of Holystone’s capacitors to the forefront of the stand. These displays ensure that whilst small, their products remain a significant feature of the design, effectively elevated and separated from the surrounding space.

    The second of a planned 3 year build cycle, which in the case of Electronica occurs every two years, this build remains as economical as it does energetic Underlining our philosophy that a stand design can be repeated multiple times in order to make the most of the obvious financial economies and environmental benefits, before the potential of the design losing impact through being too familiar or becoming dated.   

    This build resembles the importance of building not only striking exhibition stands, but also relationships with our clients and collaborators that make such projects a success year on year. We excitedly await the next Electronica experience in 2020.

  • Brewing Up Something Special - Crisp at Brau Beviale

    Just as in a good beer, it's the careful combination of ingredients that lead to the best results, as we head to Brau Beviale in Nuremberg with a cust...

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    Nestled in the countryside village of Little Ryburgh in Norfolk, Crisp are expert Maltsters honing their craft since 1870. Growing and evolving, they continue to develop their expertise and share their marvellous malts across the globe. Crisp continue to expertly leverage events like the acclaimed Brau Beviale in Nuremberg as part of their marketing strategy, with 2018 the first of our custom exhibition stand builds we were delighted to deliver.

    Having recently benefited from a complete rebrand courtesy of Farrows who we partnered with across this exciting event marketing project, Crisp were in need of a modern custom aesthetic that permeated their entire presence at Brau Beviale. Within such large European events, we want to ensure our clients get noticed right away. Large scale stand-off lettering on a minimalistic bright white backdrop create an immediate impression, using the energetic red of Crisp’s brand to maximum effect. This red continues to subtly line the back-walls and is picked up in the plush furniture and carpeted meeting nook, connecting these spaces across the stand.

    With so many angles of approach, ensuring impact from each is delivered through varied use of the Crisp logo across the stand. A vibrant light-box sits behind a custom built counter, continuing the branding across multiple levels and integrating an all-important beer tap with chiller & kegs within the single sleek bar unit. Rich fabric graphics provide a scenic backdrop, separating the central light-box from a generous store area to the right and comfortable meeting space to the left. The use of textured fabric also adds depth to the branded product display, with a deep denim blue connecting the front and rear of the stand, partly enclosing both meeting areas for an added sense of privacy. A bespoke display unit embedded within the rich blue front wall ensure the refined malts produced by Crisp can serve as a key feature, peaking interest and feeding conversations.

    Just as in a good beer, it’s in the careful combination of quality ingredients that you achieve the best result…and we just knew we had to brew up something special for Crisp!

  • Sowing the Seeds of Events Success - Barenbrug at SALTEX

    As Barenbrug returned to SALTEX 2018, we were on-hand to help them sow the seeds of events success.

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    The grass experts, Barenbrug know how to encourage growth not only with their industry leading grass seed but also in how they market their business. Returning to SALTEX, we were on-hand to help them sow the seeds of events success.

    Building upon the same footprint and features of their recent events, the stand retains green credentials, repurposing elements of the previous builds to reduce waste and provide greater ROI. The bright yellow colours of Barenbrug paired with their bold sans serif type & branding offer up an instantly recognisable and visible presence within the event. A high-level tower and eye-catching circular banner ensure maximum attention, with grass effect graphic lettering providing an added dimension.

    Simple shapes, an open design and a two-tone floor guide visitors into the space, offering up lush displays of Barenbrug’s professional grass seed range, complete with temptingly touchable turf. When conversations begin to grow away from general networking toward business, on-stand meeting areas provide an oasis, tucked away aside the tower. If that wasn’t enough, an on-stand popcorn machine provides that added incentive to ‘pop’ by.