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  • Exhibitions by Numbers

    We explore some of the key current stats in the exhibitions industry & share why you should be considering event marketing for you & your business.

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    We explore some of the key current stats in the exhibitions industry & share why you should be considering event marketing for you & your business. From growing exhibition space, to numerous venues spreading across the globe & ongoing investment, event marketing remains one of the most powerful & growing tools a company can use to promote their brand, advertise, share new products and services, network and more.

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    If you and your business are ready to harness the awesome power of exhibitions, why not check out our special offers, previous projects & let us know how we can help you achieve success in your events.


  • Exclusive Stand Hire Package Offer

    We want to empower all businesses to embrace the awesome opportunity exhibitions and event marketing can provide with our exclusive hire stand offer.....

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    Custom Designed Exhibition Stand Hire Packages

    • Great Savings on Custom / Modular stand solutions as part of our Norfolk Day special offer!
    • Free Graphic Design
    • Save on organiser stand space costs – book space only, no shell required. 

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    We want to empower all businesses to embrace the awesome opportunity exhibitions and event marketing can provide catering to a range of budgets and needs.

    If you’re tired of not being noticed in a “shell” or are looking for an economical yet high quality entry into exhibiting,  why not use one of our custom designed hire stand packages? We’ll do all the hard work for you; design, planning, CDM approvals, logistics, build, removal and graphics for an exclusive price that will really make you smile!

    Package 1
    3 x 2 metres – open 2 sides £3,250.00

    Package 2
    3 x 3 metres – open 2 sides £3,350.00

    Package 3
    4 x 3 metres – open 3 sides £3,999.00

    Package 4
    4 x 3 metres – open 2 sides £3,999.00

    Package 5
    4 x 3 metres – open 3 sides £3,999.00

    Package 6
    5 x 2 metres – open 3 sides £3,750.00

    Package 7
    6 x 3 metres – open 3 sides £5,750.00

    Package 8
    8 x 4 metres – open 3 sides £5,700.00

    What’s included…

    • Stand design, plans for CDM / H&S submission and approval
    • Full project management & organiser liaison
    • Floor covering – Evo exhibition carpet
    • Custom / modular stand fitting rental – as shown in the visual
    • Graphics – bespoke production of reusable graphics
    • Logistics, transport, build and removal – *based on ExCeL London install

    What’s not included or optional...

    • Raised platform floor
    • Site services – e.g. electricity
    • The cost of the space “book space only” it’s cheaper and we do the rest!    
  • So What Makes an Award Winning Stand? No. 5

    Adding some Caribbean spice to the BBC Good Food Show with Walkerswood...

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    "Highly Commended' For Walkerswood Caribbean Food

    We worked with Walkerswood, a Caribbean company based in Jamaica, throughout the noughties primarily providing their stand at the BBC Good Food Show. As the relationship developed we provided many other design, graphic and event related services but the BBC show was our most important focus. Sadly the relationship came to an end in 2009 when the company got into difficulties following a hurricane which decimated most of their core crops. Thankfully today you’ll still see the products on your supermarket shelves as the company was acquired by New Castle Limited and is still successfully trading in Jamaica.

    The unique stand design, modelled on a typical Caribbean building, was instigated by founder Roddy Edwards and creatively inspired by the lovely Virginia Burke, head of marketing and the queen of affectionate hugs. We took the creative imagery provided and developed the stand which would you believe we built mostly using a link together aluminium framed laminated panel system. Beginning as a modest 5 x 3 metre over the years the stand grew in size each time successfully extended and graphic finishes matched. Ending up as a 6 x 6 metre island stand complete with roof, high level central feature and full working kitchen the stand won a highly commended award at the November 2003 show. We continued building the stand each year until the new company owners exported the inventory to Jamaica where, with our technical assistance the stand was permanently installed at their headquarters.   

    We were delighted to recently discover that the full set & exhibition stand has been lovingly reconstructed in the visitors centre in the Jamaican airport, welcoming guests just as it did on it's first outing in 2003, talk about a return on investment!

  • Experiential Marketing - 'It's not you, it's we'

    What is 'Experiential Marketing' & why should you be using it?

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    Based on current trends, brand experience is expected to surpass price point and product as the key differentiator of brands by 2020. Contemporary markets have moved away from simply wanting a product or service, they want an experience. Claiming to be the ‘best’ or the ‘cheapest’ no longer has the same allure as offering genuine and immersive customer experience, whatever your industry. Cue experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing or events marketing, this strategy directly involves clients and consumers in the development of a brand, products and the marketing itself. This strategy hinges on building genuine relationships between business and client, through connection. Proponents of this strategy suggest that it is in the live, shareable and intimate interactions with a business that clients develop this relationship, and when used effectively, it is this relationship that will drive brand loyalty and return business.


    Live events lend themselves perfectly to this aim, providing a platform to cultivate relationships, share experiences and begin to nurture a three dimensional dialogue with clients. However as with any relationship, quality should be sough above quantity, with give and take a crucial aspect of engaging meaningfully with clients. A traditional sales approach may see a salesperson approach a client, inserting themselves into their experience often creating an intrusive and disruptive atmosphere. Experiential marketing is the opposite of this, it is understanding the experience of the client in a ‘customer-centric’ approach, communicating in meaningful, relevant and of course interesting way. By doing so, not only is the traditional 1D ‘shark attack’ style sales approach left behind, but the 2D dialogue has the potential to develop into a shared 3D experience which is less transactional and more about the journey for both provider & client.


    In recent years there have been a growing number of great applications of the experiential marketing approach. As part of the Molson Red Leaf Project an illuminated sustainable dance floor was used to create an alluring spectacle which linked participants to a wider theme of sustainability. With each step generating 24 watts of electricity, crowds were encouraged to twist, tango and tap across the floor whilst branded digital energy meters tracked the energy generated and celebrated the achievement of targets. Jones Soda invites regular customers to send in photos which they feature on personalised packaging, or if particularly jaw-dropping can even make their way onto a limited run of mainstream packing too. Japanese snack company Tohato launched two competing snack flavours in an award-winning advertising campaign in 2007, calling on customers to engage in an online multiplayer game to decide the winning flavour. Experiential marketing strategy can clearly be implemented across many mediums, with technological advances increasing how far offline and online tools can be leveraged.


    Live events have long formed the perfect touch-stone to consolidate relationships, with IoT and immersion technology bridging real and digital worlds simultaneously so no member of your growing community is left out. Since the 90s we have advocated strategies that are now recognised as experiential marketing. From the ‘terawatt challenge’ at The Energy Event to an award-winning build incorporating an ‘IT Disaster Recovery’ off-road safari at BCI World conference, we take pride in developing meaningful, inventive and relevant experiences for our clients. If you would like more information on how we can help you or how to bring experiential marketing into your events, let’s get in touch.

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  • So What Makes an Award Winning Stand? No. 4

    Following the success at the London Motor Show our friends at Norwich Union hatched a plan to roll out the crime prevention message across the land...

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    'Highly Commended' for Norwich Union General Insurance

    … the crime prevention story continues.

     Following the success at the London Motor Show our friends at Norwich Union hatched a plan to roll out the crime prevention message across the land and agreed to support various police regions throughout the UK. The initial list of county and royal show dates grew and it wasn’t long before we had in the region of 15 to 20 dates to fill within the 1994 show calander. Nowadays it would probably be called “going viral” but back then it was a travelling show that we transported and set up in all its glory. 

    Taking the theme from the motor show we developed a mobile version using the large exhibition trailer we had built for Norwich Union a year or so previous. As the plan developed and more police forces came on board so too did a host of commercial contributors; suppliers of locks, alarms, security products and car manufacturers, all keen to support the cause. Each show / event had a different selection of commercial contributors so the roadshow became quite organic. To tie the whole thing together and reinforce Norwich Union ownership of the event we designed and produced a show brochure pack to contain a variety of insurance policy details and contributors information. An inventory of specifically branded give-aways, balloons, pens, badges and hats were also produced which needless to say were always quick to disappear.