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  • Centro Modular Kit - Better with Age?

    Around for a while, certain evolutions in the system have made Centro a serious contender in the realm of modular exhibition stands...

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    Some things get better with age...with the updated 'Centro' system, no exception

    Centro T Lock Assembly SystemCentro Posts and Bars Modular Assembly System

    Aluminium “lock bar” display and exhibition systems have been around for a while now, we’ve used several aluminium architectural systems for many years in some of our custom modular stand builds to great effect. Early forays into the portable and modular kit sector by some of the manufacturers promised attributes such as “lightweight & easily transportable” “simple assembly” and “quickly reconfigurable”. However in most instances these promises came up short when it came to stand building and left the unwary and uninformed purchaser with a heavy, multi component, complex array of components that failed to provide that “quick all in one total solution” they had envisaged.

    As a building material aluminium is great, it’s strong, doesn’t rust, so lasts well and when extruded has great structurally integrity. To say its light is totally accurate when comparing against its steel counterpart but probably not so when wheeling around a flight case full of posts. We think it’s fair to say then that it doesn’t make a good “portable” display kit, however what it does do is provide a highly effective component based, modular display and stand building solution. 


    Small Exhibition Stand Design and Build K L Gates at Airmic 2018

    So as we’ve said some things get better with age which is certainly the case with “Centro”.  Like other systems it’s been around for a while and has been one of the best kit orientated systems available. However unlike other systems it has evolved and now promises to make assembly a whole lot easier first with “Rotrlink” and now with new “T-Loc” technology which speeds up installation no end. The system is available with a vast array of accessories, AV options, counters, screen mounts and product solutions which all come with a 5 year guarantee. A new range of build heights take it away from the original 2 metre conventional display product standard to 2.65metre, 2.5metre or 3 metres which suit exhibition shell schemes and modest space only sites alike. Take a look at how combining some standard products and treatments can create some really very effective modular stand builds either for DIY use or part of the fully managed service we can provide. 


    Modular Exhibition Stand System CentroInterior Modular Display

    Large Modular Exhibition Stand NfoPPModular Display Backdrop for Circle with Centro Kit

    Want to learn more about Centro or making more out of modular stands - get in touch with us today.

    Check out our last article about the evolution of the wider modular exhibition stand market.


  • Making more of modular?

    From LEGO® bricks to Technic, how have modular exhibition stand systems also evolved to become much more useful at events & exhibitions?

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    The term “modular exhibition stand” used to conjure up images of nyloop covered panels with clips, poles and base plates. You'd have to assemble them to provide a very basic, utilitarian looking display. Onto this may have been attached various Velcro fixed posters and photos, more often than not ending up being all very uninspired! Fortunately those days are now behind us and the choice of modular display equipment and systems we have at our disposal are much more effective, innovative and user friendly.

     Modular Exhibition Stand TSO DVSA

    Years ago LEGO® was a pretty plain box of coloured building bricks and assorted, standard components which left you to your own devices, reliant on your imagination to build something creative. Today that product has evolved, LEGO Technic® and Themed LEGO® kits empower any child or indeed 'bigger' kids, to create all manner of exciting vehicles, structures and imaginary worlds with the assistance of a simple set of easy to follow plans and instructions. The modular exhibition and display sector of today draws much inspiration from this success, customising their modular components ion more creative and cohesive fashion. Similar to the humble LEGO® brick many of the components we use to create modular exhibition stands are still of a standard size and use. However using some of the more innovative systems available, it is possible to call upon and create customised elements to integrate in modular stand designs, providing unique yet equally flexible display solutions for a wide range of exhibition needs. Even better for the self-builders and busy exhibitors, many of the savvy modular exhibition systems are becoming tool free when it comes to assembly.  

     Modular Exhibition Stand at UK Dairy Day Barenbrug Unibox system  

    As with any stand design and build project there is much to consider when deciding on the correct approach to take for the event. From a custom build perspective, the task can be more straightforward as invariably it will be event / exhibition specialist who will be designing, building, transporting and carrying out the final build and commissioning prior to the event. However when it comes to modular and semi portable systems that a client may want to build themselves, it's worth remembering that “not all are created equal”. Indeed often the inferred or recommended choice offered by a single manufacturer is far from being the ideal solution suggested. It’s here that forward planning to carefully consider all possible requirements and space at your events will pay off in deciding on the most appropriate system, or indeed approach altogether. We are pleased that we do not ever place a single manufacturer or method on a pedestal, instead we apply the same care and end to end support to ensure we guide clients to right system for them and their needs.

    We like to think our success as exhibition and event specialists over more than “30 eventful years” has equipped us with the knowledge and experience to offer expert advice on the subject. We invite you to explore some of the modular projects we’ve been involved with this year and continue to support at a variety of levels to suit our individual client’s needs.


    Custom Modular Exhibition Stand Kettle Food and Metcalfes 2

    Marvellous Modular Mash-Up with Kettle Foods - Read More

    NUA Email

    Modern Modular Re-design with NUA - Read More


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  • Evolving Exhibition Stories at Frankfurt Book Fair

    Our exhibition story evolves in Europe with TSO & Bertram Group at the immersive Frankfurt Book Fair 2019...

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    As within our favourite books, it’s often changes in situation or circumstance that allow characters to shine. So as the stories of our clients TSO and Bertram Group continued at the immersive Frankfurt Book Fair, we wanted to ensure their brands could indeed shine. Using the roots of their designs at the London Book Fair earlier this year, we set about creating solutions that adapted to the changing needs of each client as they took their event marketing into Europe.

    Bertram Group’s stand followed closely the successful new design direction we set in London. Creating components that would adapt to the changing spaces, we had always planned with Bertram group to support them at both shows, creating smart components that were adaptable to both events without looking out of place. Their clean, minimal aesthetic continued in Frankfurt, allowing their exhibition stand to form a striking backdrop for their book displays and branding. Looking to make an impact within this European forum, Bertram’s stand highlighted the multi-faceted approach we used in the space, presenting clear brand, eye-catching displays and an integrated meeting room for more intimate discussions. Representing a whole family of brands, a full height light-box articulates the range of brands Bertram group brings together. Similar to Bertram group themselves, the space aimed to act as a hub, combining aspects that delivered on all levels of Bertram Group’s brief and needs at the busy event. A great further chapter with Bertram as our first over-seas exhibition stand install for them, at a record breaking Frankfurt Book Fair, touting more than 300,000 visitors!

    TSO have long entrusted us with their European installations, with this year no exception. Working closely with their marketing team, we have developed more engaging designs to fit out several shell scheme styles and intimate exhibition spaces. This not only manages costs to suit their needs at events, but retains a custom element to drive more interaction and elevate their event presence. Set within a modest 4x2m footprint, the TSO stand uses whitespace to maximise the impact of their branding, key clients and publications displayed on-stand. Accented with white LED lighting on their custom made bookshelves and podiums, the space retains a professional and sleek look. Doubling as storage, TSO’s book displays allow show collateral to remain safe and out of sight, maximising storage in a small area. Integrating a digital display and the podiums on the stand provides further avenues to engage with visitors, again maximising the function of the smaller stand space.

    With events themselves consistently under pressure to adapt to contemporary trends, Frankfurt Book Fair has succeeding in growing footfall and widening the appeal of the event. From inclusion of audiobooks to manga and cosplay to debates on the environmental woes of the Anthropocene era and activism in literature, Frankfurt Book Fair highlights how events can be leveraged effectively to produce a truly immersive and engaging narrative for all sorts of visitors. It’s then our responsibility to ensure we are just as flexible and driven in our approach to different clients and differing spaces, creating unique and equally successful designs to share our clients' stories successfully.


    Discover the beginning of our story with Bertram Group with their striking stand at London Book Fair - Here.

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  • A Magnificent Modular Mash-Up with Kettle Foods

    A multi-faceted project for Kettle Foods delivering premium event presence across dual branded design, modular exhibition stands, portable displays an...

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    Have you ever pondered the cultural impact of a crisp? Well if you did, chances are you’d end up thinking of Kettle Chips. Produced in Norfolk since 1988, their ever growing range of products continues to place Kettle Chips as the number one premium crisp brand in the UK today. Now that’s pretty spud-tacular. So from our first meeting with Kettle Foods, we knew that any exhibition stand had to be a (Kettle) chip off the old block. Their exhibition stand needed to resemble the premium product, quality and passion that permeates the Kettle brand, but that wasn’t where the challenge ended.

    A break out…or perhaps ‘pop out’ star, Kettle Foods acquired the Metcalfe’s popcorn brand in 2016. Wanting to ensure both brands would shine in their new events presence, our initial design concepts had to offer equally striking individual as well as shared brand positioning. Alongside this split, we were also tasked with providing a modular exhibition stand solution that could mould to varying spaces. Whilst an unconventional approach, Kettle Food’s diverse event calendar emphasised the importance of a stand that could adapt in this way, but retain on-brand impact and function. This set us into action, producing a range of initial stand designs across multiple modular systems.

    Modular stand structure planningPanels 4x3m Open 1 Side v2

    With access to a wide market of modular exhibition stand systems, we’re driven by best fit for our clients and not a fixed relationship with suppliers. As we continued to discuss our plans with the Kettle Foods team, it soon became clear which system would be best fit for Kettle. Working closely with manufacturer Tecna, we planned to leverage their T3 product to create a malleable modular stand system unique to Kettle. Designed with not one or two, but twelve configurations, the new modular stands would certainly offer flexibility. However, the approach to graphic finishes required careful consideration to prevent both the aesthetics and costs becoming chaotic within such flexibility.

    Kettle modular kit graphic planSplit Brand Design Modular Stand Kettle Foods

    Working closely with Kettle Food’s own creative team, we were able to evolve concepts into creations, creating cleverly interchangeable graphic panels. These graphics work flexibly across different sizes, open sides, shell scheme, space only and split brands, while retaining their cohesive premium presence. Meanwhile, we drew upon our planning with Tecna to ensure the hardware and structures for each of the twelve planned variations would work effectively. This combination of the ideal hardware, intelligent graphic design and project management led to the creation of a truly unique modular exhibition stand system. Using a range of graphic finishes to dress the stand from magnetic roll-up graphics to an illuminated fabric light-box to branded counters and sampling displays. A full complement of features to ensure a premium professional finish for both brands.

    "We would just like to reiterate how pleased we are with the step change we've experience regarding our presence at trade shows ... thank you very much for the way you have effectively picked up the management of storage, installation and take down aspects of our trade program too." - Kettle Foods

    Custom Modular Exhibition Stand Kettle Food and MetcalfesKettle Foods Modular Exhibition Stand and Display Counter

    With their new modular exhibition stand being finalised, we also evolved Kettle Food’s portable exhibition displays. Using our knowledge of Eve Product’s “Twist” system, we were able to retrofit the existing hardware for Kettle Foods, extending the height to better fill shell scheme spaces and adapting their graphic approach. Working with Kettle’s creatives once more, a cohesive and flexible set of graphics was produced, drawing on the same approach as their exhibition stand. The result, two unique, cohesive and highly adaptable exhibition stand systems allowing Kettle Foods to engage visitors, promote their brands and present their premium position in the market. Real Food. Real Pleasure...and a really rather nice project to be a part of!

    Portable Display Kettle Foods Twist kit and Counter webKettle Foods VTwist kit Concept Design


    Want to read more about our modular stand projects? Check out our modern modular redesign for NUA or modular exhibition stand projects like K & L Gates at Airmic and Dermal at BAD.


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  • Powering Up Events - R & B Switchgear at SPE Offshore Europe

    An energising exhibition stand build with R & B's passion for power distribution...

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    Connecting a global network of over 36,000 attendees, showcasing industry innovation and best-practice while providing face to face connection with over 900 suppliers, SPE Offshore Europe remains an industry leading E & P event. With such a platform, we were delighted to take the passionate approach to power distribution characterising R & B Switchgear, and translate this into an exciting exhibition stand. A 35 year heritage of reliability, quality and skill unpins the R & B Switchgear group, with our aim to provide the perfect space to showcase both their services and products live at Offshore Europe.

    Drawing inspiration from previous exhibition builds in Germany, we created an angular exhibition stand design to maximise impact whilst retaining functional space for the positioning of R & B’s all important machinery. Projecting from left to right, the angled light-box graphic provides rich and vibrant branding, with a subtly recessed cupboard and back-wall creating a meeting, storage and demonstration area at the rear of the stand. With the inclusion of several machines, balancing the space was key. Working collaboratively, artwork was produced to complement on-stand demonstrations and machinery, not overwhelm. The inclusion of a digital display allowed further information to be presented without over-complicating the clean and modern aesthetic seen throughout.

    With a rich array of machines and expertise to share, the recessed display and demonstration area to the right of the space allowed this extended range of products to sit neatly within the space. Complemented by a further light-box graphic with dynamic lighting feature. R & B Switchgear’s Offshore specific expertise was consistently highlighted, providing insight and intrigue for visitors at each approach. The R & B team leveraged their space expertly, engaging visitors and using a combined physical and digital presence to maximise their event success from start to finish.

    This stand space and likewise approach demonstrates the value of showcasing passion not just products, with R & B Switchgear seemingly relishing in a return to event marketing that we were delighted to support them in.

    Perhaps it’s time to power-up your own passion for events?


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