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Small can and should be beautiful…. TWIST and LINK2 just the job!

Shell schemes are a popular choice when exhibiting, offering an ‘easy’ option requiring minimal construction.  However, this does not mean any less care should be taken when planning the overall look and feel. 

High quality, eye-catching graphics are the best way to achieve a professional and interesting look, but standard shell schemes do not lend themselves to accommodating edge-to-edge, mural style graphics. 

Here at Image we offer a number of bespoke solutions to convert shell schemes into more suitable graphic vehicles and are always keen to lend a hand and help first time exhibitors make a good impression. However we have two DIY products; the original “TWIST” and new in 2016 “LINK2” systems which are definite front-runners and particularly suited to lining shell schemes, quickly and professionally. Both systems are affordable and feature seamlessly linkable graphics, TWIST using a conventional base and tension banner while LINK2 features a unique roller banner concept.  Freestanding with integral LED lighting units can be used individually or linked together to create long panel runs or twist and turn to line a shell scheme with ease.  Furthermore, LINK2 banner stands contain a patented self-levelling and alignment system to overcome the frequent issue of linkable roller banners and uneven floors. Both systems incorporate interchangeable graphic capabilities, enabling you to use the hardware indefinitely and update just the graphics as you require.

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