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Successful Events... call the Plumber!

My stopcock seized last winter and I couldn’t turn the water supply on so I called a plumber. Sure I had a pair of mole grips and have done a bit of DIY plastic piping so could have had a go myself. If I had I may well have saved the call out fee and the hour’s labour he charged me but more likely I would have broken the valve off and flooded the kitchen! Needless to say with all the proper tools and spare parts to hand he did the job in no time without any risk of flooding.  

Considering that exhibitions and live events are the ultimate in face to face marketing it amazes me that I see so many companies at exhibitions with very good products or services but they display or present them in the most tedious and depressing manner. It’s also staggering that there are always stands that no matter how long I look at them I can’t for the life of me work out what the company actually does. More concerning the stand staff often make no attempt at all to come over and engage with me, so I walk away none the wiser. Odds are these are the same staff explaining to their boss later in the day that the show was a complete waste of time and they couldn’t see why they had to be there in the first place.

These companies seriously underestimate the awesome business value that exhibitions and face to face events present. If nothing else consider this; visitors willingly attend events and exhibitions in their 1000’s because they want to do business, buy a product or find a service or solution. Most exhibitions are industry specific so these visitors are your ideal customers, all you have to do is attract and engage them and hey presto you have a prospect. If you come away from an exhibition without getting any prospective business it doesn’t make it a bad event – it’s just poor planning and communication.

So if you get a leaky tap for goodness sake call a plumber and if you’re planning to exhibit or attend a live event talk to an exhibition and event specialist like us.