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Why use an Event Marketing Specialist?

Top Ten Reasons to use Event Support

Here at Image Display our clients are wide-ranging in size, from international organisations to smaller local businesses.  Many large companies have their own in-house event managers whilst small and medium businesses carry out this function alongside other duties.  The level of support we provide is entirely flexible and can be as much or little as you require. 

We've given 10 reasons why using professional, expert external event support can be beneficial to your business:


  • 1. Save Time

      Event planning and management uses a considerable amount of time.  As a smaller business, you’ll need to consider whether your team has enough capacity to manage events in addition to their regular duties. Giving this responsibility to an external company allows your staff to concentrate on their ‘day jobs’ and minimises time away from the office.  Even large companies with in-house event managers can often benefit from external help, especially when managing multiple events or locations.  It can be useful to have someone manage the day-to-day background tasks to allow more time for marketing and promotion.



  • 2. Save Money

      Your company may only attend or manage particular events once a year, but a specialist event management company works in this industry all year round.  They therefore have multiple long-standing connections and supplier relationships, providing the possibility to procure better prices for equipment and services.  Yes, you will need to pay the event management fees, but this generally comes as part of a package and the value of this service to your company far outweighs the actual cost.

  • 3. Promotion and Marketing

      It’s important to remember that an event extends beyond just the show days.  If planned carefully, you can create a ‘buzz’ that continues long afterwards.  Not sure how to get the word out and keep up the momentum?  An external event management company can help promote your participation or event to your customers and has the knowledge and experience to know what kind of promotion and marketing works in multiple situations.  What’s suitable for one event may not be for another and having this knowledge could save time and money.

  • 4. Reduce Stress (and avoid last minute surprises)

      Experienced event managers know that a million tasks make up the entire project and keeping track of them is challenging and time consuming.  If events are not a regular occurrence for your business, it can be helpful to have assistance from someone who understands the process and planning involved.  An external event manager will absorb the stress, think of all the ‘little things’, recognise potential issues and fix them before you even know.  We’ve seen and done it all before! 

  • 5. Insider Knowledge, Skills and Expertise

      Event management companies keep up to date on industry changes, new products and technologies, venues and locations.  They will also assess and test new products in order to give you, the consumer, an honest and unbiased view of what best suits your requirements.  In addition, an event management company knows how to manage a multitude of challenging situations (logistics, for example) and have cultural and language knowledge of various destinations.  International events are particularly prone to potential problems caused merely by a lack of understanding of local culture.  Falling foul of customs law or working rules can prove costly and severely disrupt your event.

  • 6. Avoid Hidden Costs

      Any large event involves multiple contractors and suppliers, all with individual deadlines and different ways of working (and invoicing!)  Missing a deadline by even a few hours can double the cost.  Event managers are obsessive about doing things early and know the right questions to ask, avoiding unexpected costs at a later date.   If you’re not a full time event manager, or managing multiple event deadlines, it can be helpful to ask an external company to help keep track of one or more elements, or oversee the entire event.

  • 7. Health & Safety

      Risk Assessments and Method Statements have always been in place for events, however CDM (Construction, Design, Management) regulations now apply to any construction, including that taking place within the events industry.  Any external agencies employed are responsible for their own health and safety, but as event manager or exhibition stand holder you still maintain overall responsibility, and will also need to submit your own paperwork.  Confused?  An external event management company understands all the requirements and can collate and submit much of this information for you!

  • 8. Staff Coaching or Supply

      Having the right staff at your event is crucial; they provide the first impression of your company and help the overall sales process.  There’s little point spending a small fortune on an exhibition stand if your staff don’t engage with visitors and promote your business.  It’s not always easy coaching your own staff, but an external event management company has no qualms teaching correct event etiquette and additionally works to bring a sense of enthusiasm to all those involved.  If necessary, they can also supply promotional staff as an alternative or supplementary solution.  And we don’t mean just pretty models; promotional staff can be anything from spokespeople and trained product specialists to receptionists, baristas and bartenders.

  • 9. Stuck For Ideas?

      As dedicated as you are to your business, sometimes you’re so involved that it’s difficult to view in a different light.  An external event company can bring new perspectives, provide different creative ideas for venue, location and stand design and perhaps suggest something you’d never considered!  We will ask lots of questions to understand your business and what you’d like the event to achieve. We’ll also challenge traditional ways of thinking in order to give you something different to offer your customers.

  • 10. Limited Budget? Don't Know What's Available?

      This is where an external event management company really comes to the rescue.  We can advise how to make best use of the exhibition space and (more importantly) how to make best use of your budget.  Events and exhibitions are not a cheap form of marketing and therefore need careful planning to make them a worthy investment.  Many event companies have items available for hire, or can suggest creative solutions that are effective but low cost. You may believe your budget is only enough for a small shell scheme, but with the help of a professional event management company, you’ll find that often much more can be achieved.