Custom Exhibition Stand - Bertram Group

Client: Bertram Group

Event: London Book Fair 2019

Venue: London Olympia

Space: 14x5m , Open 2 Sides

A large open plan design offering up plenty of functional space, we wanted to provide accents that were sophisticated, on-brand and importantly allowed the stand to act as a hub. Attracting, engaging and wow-ing visitors.


A minimalist colour palette truly allows the large format graphic above the seating area to stand out. Whilst minimal, the colours are far from muted, with the characteristic teal of the Bertram Group brand instantly catching the eye from across the venue. Passing by it’s hard not to be intrigued by the carefully crafted LED edge lighting that subtly elevates the clear shelving of the displays, continued in the halo illumination running the full height of the stand.

Multiple digital displays and a dedicated demonstration area provide varying degrees of engagement, catering to the passer by as well as those looking to learn more about Bertram Group and their brands on-stand. Nestled behind the custom light boxes, a meeting area provides a further more intimate area to interact. From the split effect floor to the full height displays, it’s in the details that a character is created. We had a great time ensuring that Bertram Group’s stand had the character right for their story…and we’re excited for the next chapter!