As marketing budgets are squeezed and getting noticed amongst the digital noise becomes more challenging, we offer clients a way to bring their brand to life.   

We use the depth of brand experiences to help our clients achieve success through lasting impact. What’s more we help you create  bespoke interactions, entertainment and event features to engage and immerse visitors. We take care of all the logistics, venue liaison, pre-production, as well as design and build. Expertly managing the event for you, we provide whatever’s required to make your brand experience a success, without the stress.



Investing in the experience of your brand forms a key part of successful brand strategy and effective marketing. For many businesses, the way their clients experience their brand has become the key differentiator of market leaders. Our approach connects with your own strategies, ensuring that any experience drives success and strengthens your brand and business goals over the long-term. 

Blending the use of physical and digital tactics, we create help you impactful experiences that expertly cater to a range of needs from product launches and demonstrations to brand building events, stakeholder engagement, pop-up experiences, team building, creative conferencing and much more.

Racing Formula 1 Brand Experience Jake Humphrey Image Display and Graphics
Sungard Disaster Recovery Robot Assault Course Brand Experience


Experts in the provision of IT recovery solutions and the maintenance of critical infrastructure, Sungard AS have become equally adept in their use of cohesive brand experiences. 

Centred on their 'Disaster Recovery' services, we have repeatedly supported Sungard by developing a series of 'Disaster Recovery Challenges'. From unique RC 4 x 4 off roading to 'Glitch & Putt' Mini Golf to a robotic recovery assault course, changing up their creative engagements has remained a rewarding challenge that has helped them consistently deliver memorable and meaningful brand experience across their events.

Sungard Racing Themed Brand Experience Set

Let's talk experience...

We've been building memorable experiences, events and exhibitions for over 30 years, so rest assured we're building on experience when we help you create yours!

With our expertise spanning the full breadth of design, marketing, brand and events, we are a perfectly positioned partner to help translate your brand and marketing strategy into the world of live events and experiences.

We're always on hand to chat and focus on developing lasting relationships with clients that we believe build the best experiences for everyone - so get in touch today to discuss you plans!