Custom Exhibition Stand - Crisp Malting

Client: Crisp

Event: Brau Beviale 2019

Venue: Nuremberg Messe

Space: 10 x 6m

Having recently benefited from a complete rebrand courtesy of Farrows, Crisp were in need of a modern custom aesthetic that permeated their entire presence at Brau Beviale. Large scale stand-off lettering on a minimalistic bright white backdrop creates an immediate impression, using the energetic red of Crisp’s brand to maximum effect. This red continues to subtly line the back-walls and is picked up in the plush furniture and carpeted meeting nook, connecting these spaces across the stand.

With so many angles of approach, ensuring impact from each is delivered through varied use of the Crisp logo across the stand. A vibrant light-box sits behind a custom built counter, continuing the branding across multiple levels and integrating an all-important beer tap with chiller & kegs within the single sleek bar unit. Rich fabric graphics provide a scenic backdrop, separating the central light-box from a generous store area to the right and comfortable meeting space to the left. The use of textured fabric also adds depth to the branded product display, with a deep denim blue connecting the front and rear of the stand, partly enclosing both meeting areas for an added sense of privacy. A bespoke display unit embedded within the rich blue front wall ensure the refined malts produced by Crisp can serve as a key feature, peaking interest and feeding conversations.