Data Protection

GDPR & Our Data Protection Policy

We only retain customer and prospective customer information for our own internal use. No information is shared with any third party.


How is individual data acquired?

We do not and will not buy any mailing lists from third party vendors. Data is collated from personal contact, recommendation and referral or in response to enquiries and requests. Information is retained on file to enable further contact for two years from the date or acquisition or until an individual asks to unsubscribe or opt out.  

How is individual data used? 

Customer information is kept on our password protected sales and accounts system to facilitate our normal CRM procedure; sales orders, invoicing, general communication and administration. An edited version of customer and potential customer information is also retained on a company sales database which is used to communicate newsletters, special offers, topical information and technical advice / comment. 

How can you opt out?

An individual customer or potential customer can choose to opt out from receiving communications from us by informing us by email, letter or by telephone at any time. In addition all email communications from us will include the option to unsubscribe from receiving any further emails.

What about Security?

In the unlikely event of a data breach we will inform all parties affected within 72 hours of the breach occurring. We will confirm what type of breach has occurred and details of any affected data. We do not retain sensitive, financial or personal information of any kind on our database. Only information of a B2B nature is retained for general business sales and marketing use. Subsequently breaches of a serious nature that may require officially reporting cannot occur.