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Specialist Fabric Graphic Lightbox Production for Aviva by Image Display & Graphics

It's in our name after all...

We have decades experience producing displays, graphics, signage and displays for use across many sectors beyond exhibitions and events. One of the first companies to pioneer large format digital printing back in 1992 we have continued to invest in this technology recently adding cutting edge UV printing to our repertoire with super wide 3.2 metre print capability.

Displays and graphics are in our DNA. As well as championing sustainable modern digital print technology across aqueous, eco-solvent and UV platforms we also provide laminating, finishing and stitching for textiles and soft signage. Combining this with our more conventional CAD/CAM, CNC and traditional manufacturing capabilities we truly provide an end to end comprehensive service.   

Our latest super-wide UV print technology is truly ground-breaking, delivering significant improvements in colour density, durability and quality as well as bringing many environmental benefits.

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Shelf Wobbler Retail Display Graphics for Purdy Paintbrushes by Image Display & Graphics



We use our expert graphic production skills across many platforms, from exhibitions and events, to conventional and soft signage, to labels, stickers and even entire walls and floors.


True, we have particular prowess transforming large surfaces into stunning graphic images for exhibitions and interiors. However we can also cater for modest requirements such as labels, posters and simple stickers in small or large quantities.


Did we mention that we also design and produce custom printed wall paper and interior design finishes. These can be tailored to suit your style and needs, provided as supply only or paired with our our installation service.



Wall Coverings, Wallpapers & Interior Graphics

Fabric Graphic Print and Finishing for RB Switchgear at Image Display and Graphics

One area where we excel with our new UV print technology is textile printing. This technique is fast replacing old fashioned sheet media such as foam PVC and acrylic in graphic production and sign making. Most textiles we use are fire rated and come in a range of block out, opaque or translucent finishes.  They can be used to replicate solid walls as well as provide face graphics for illuminated signs and lightboxes.  

As we’ve said UV printing delivers many energy and environmental benefits. However when it comes to look and finish the results are really remarkable. Colours are much more vibrant than other digital print processes. UV technology also offers greater density for lightbox prints and textiles where ink can appear dull as it’s absorbed. UV ink is instantly cured so it remains as a resilient, high density surface coating while retaining it's long term credentials.    


Many graphics companies are limited to just applying prints to third party products. We provide complete in house manufacture and display fabrication, as well as design, planning and installation.


So we aren’t limited to off the shelf solutions.

We produce bespoke displays with graphics to our clients' own specifications. We can of course design solutions to suit a particular requirement, application or product, offer advice every step of the way. Displays can be made by hand or supported with CNC machine cutting. One-off displays are no problem, as are larger quantities. We work with a wide variety of substrates and finishes so don’t be afraid to ask for the unusual. We're here to help you get exactly what you're looking for, it is a bespoke display after all.    

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