Centro Modular Exhibition System - Better with Age?

Updated: Mar 3

Aluminium “lock bar” display and exhibition systems have been around for a while now, we’ve used several aluminium architectural systems for many years in some of our custom modular stand builds to great effect. Early forays into the portable and modular kit sector by some of the manufacturers promised attributes such as “lightweight & easily transportable” “simple assembly” and “quickly reconfigurable”. However in most instances these promises came up short when it came to stand building and left the unwary and uninformed purchaser with a heavy, multi component, complex array of components that failed to provide that “quick all in one total solution” they had envisaged.

As a building material aluminium is great, it’s strong, doesn’t rust, so lasts well and when extruded has great structurally integrity. To say its light is totally accurate when comparing against its steel counterpart but probably not so when wheeling around a flight case full of posts. We think it’s fair to say then that it doesn’t make a good “portable” display kit, however what it does do is provide a highly effective component based, modular display and stand building solution.

So as we’ve said some things get better with age which is certainly the case with Centro.  Like other systems it’s been around for a while and has been one of the best kit orientated systems available. However unlike other systems it has evolved and now promises to make assembly a whole lot easier first with “Rotrlink” and now with new “T-Loc” technology which speeds up installation no end. The system is available with a vast array of accessories, AV options, counters, screen mounts and product solutions which all come with a 5 year guarantee. A new range of build heights take it away from the original 2 metre conventional display product standard to 2.65metre, 2.5metre or 3 metres which suit exhibition shell schemes and modest space only sites alike. Take a look at how combining some standard products and treatments can create some really very effective modular stand builds either for DIY use or part of the fully managed service we can provide.

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