Could events put the flavour back into your marketing ?

Imagine eating the same meal everyday for a year, maybe two.

It might even be your favourite meal. Let's say it's lasagne. Garfield would certainly approve this carby-cheese-filled wonder filling your every meal. But eventually, you'd probably say even the orange feline himself would lose his love of the stuff. Now imagine, someone comes up and offers you something different. It's strangely familiar but because you've only eaten lasagne for two years it feels distant, maybe a little odd. Still, you pick up the spoon and tentatively dive in. It's ice cream. It's cold. It's sweet. It's delicious - immediately it reminds you of all the flavour you missed for so long.

Now, apart from making us all really crave lasagne and ice cream, what are we talking about?

Well we're talking about marketing, and we're talking about events too. Granted, we've massively simplified this interplay, but digital fatigue is a feature in many businesses today. In other words, we've all had a lot of lasagne, and so have our customers. That's not to say lasagne is bad or that successes haven't been had, they have (and it isn't). But now we all have the opportunity to serve our customers something fresh and flavourful. In other words, we have the chance to fully re-engage with events and experiences as a reliable part of our marketing tactics, and we certainly have some flavours to offer.

So, if you have an appetite to add some new flavour to your marketing in 2022, we hope you'll browse our entrées below. Oh, and if you're looking for a special order, not to worry, we can cook up all sorts of events, experiences and exhibitions to suit your marketing diet...

Healthy Advice: A Balanced Diet for Marketers

Have you ever heard the advice not to go shopping when you're hungry? Well, similar could be said for making choices in your marketing strategy. Don't make choices based purely on short-term hunger. Serving up anything or in some cases everything might seem like a good idea, but longer term it won't feed your brand's success. A good marketing strategy is often defined by what we decide not to do. Market orientation is key, and often it will help define how to best 'serve up' your brand, products and services to consumers in ways that best reach and resonate with them. Events remain a unique and successful tactic to cut through the noise and connect with customers - but they have to have the right appetite first. Knowing when and how to use events effectively is also part of our services, with our expertise extending far further into brand, marketing and creative consultancy under Image Development.

Don't let hunger drive short-term decisions for your marketing. Instead serve up something memorable with the right flavour to truly execute your marketing strategy successfully when using events.

Our Event Marketing Menu

Exhibition Stand Design & Build

An 'Image' specialty for well over 30 years, yet consistently updated with new flavours and techniques. We've become adept at serving up varied exhibition stands and event spaces crafted around our client's brand, audience and objectives. Exhibitions offer a wide array of opportunities from connecting directly with prospects to learning about industry trends. All opportunities however, hinge on the strengths of event marketing in delivering live experiences that connect brand and audience in a way few other mediums can.

Avani Solutions Custom Modular Exhibition Stand - PUB 2019

Whether a custom-modular hybrid, modular build or something more bespoke, our focus is on delivering cohesive, impactful spaces that get the right result and at the right budget.

Learn more about our exhibition stand design & build services here.

Brand Experiences

How we experience brands is vast and contributed to across multiple touch-points. Still, the ability to distill a memorable and immersive real-world experience of your brand is perhaps one of the most powerful tools at our disposal...and often the more challenging to use. Our brand experiences bring together an understanding of how to nurture and build brand equity with the in-house ability to design, create and deliver all manner of environments and interactions, bringing your brand into the 3D world of live events.

The concept of 'experiential marketing' can be ethereal at times, but we aim to keep it simple and delivered effectively in line with wider strategy. Whether a broader brand building focus or a product or service specific activation, we tailor our expertise and creativity to serve up something distinctive and memorable. It's also worth mentioning, that brand experiences are not just an outwardly facing tool. Turning the focus inwards, stakeholder events and team building sessions can be equally important in supporting your success and enriching the role of brand within your business as well as outside it.

NUA x ENSF - Brand Space for Student Outreach & Marketing

Learn more about how we craft impactful brand experiences here.

Pop-Up Retail & Interiors

Opportunities are 'popping' up in high streets and business spaces to add some of that missing flavour closer to home. With the novelty of experiences and connection buoying up early recovery, there are real opportunities for the right brands to extend their presence. Of course there's always a lot of planning that goes into these 'pop-ups', but we're more than prepared to support success from strategy through to creation and implementation. There's no denying retail and the high-street remain very challenging and competitive environments, but considered use of these distinctive environments can be a shot in the arm for businesses looking to grow or diversify their offering for customers.

Jarrold Norwich - Store Folk Market Stall Style Pop-Up Shop

Learn more about how you could embrace the power of pop-up in your business

A recipe for success: Marketing with flavour

So, when you're serving up your marketing strategy, whether an all you can eat buffet or a tasting plate, we hope you'll consider adding some extra flavour with events and experiences.

We never force feed our clients things they don't need, or put them on a diet that doesn't fit. Instead we work with you to make the best meal possible that keeps your audience coming back for more. This way, we know we're serving you the best recipe for success...which means we get to keep cooking!

If we've whet your appetite for event this year, do get in touch to discuss how we might help you with your event marketing.