Event marketing makes a 'cool' comeback - Hubbard Products at TCS&D 2021

What better way to exit the deep freeze on events and exhibitions than with a show dedicated to keeping things cool? Supporting our client Hubbard Products, we created an exhibition stand and vehicle display set to elevate their presence at the TCS&D event, befitting their reputation for excellence and making a cool re-entry into the world of event marketing.

Bringing together vibrant branding, product displays and open plan space for networking with a little healthy distance still maintained - Hubbard's exhibition stand was designed as a striking multi-purpose space. Incorporating the characteristic blue and white of the Hubbard brand can be seen from the ground up, using the large footprint of the space to showcase an angular carpet design and product-related floor graphics. A selection of Hubbard's innovative products were also displayed within the stand space, with our team equipped to apply a range of graphics on-site to incorporate them cohesively into the wider event environment.

Hubbard's core exhibition stand structures split into a main tower and digital display tower to the front. The main tower houses a generous store cupboard, finished with internally illuminated light-box graphics and a full height fabric graphics to the rear of the tower for 360 degree impact of brand and product. A custom branded counter with LED effect sits in front of the main tower as a reception point for visitors. The forward positioned digital display tower presents a 65" screen to the main thoroughfare, sharing Hubbard's high-quality product demonstration video and inviting them to find out more within the space, with follow-up conversations supported by the meeting areas to each side of the stand.

Given the innovations Hubbard and Daikin have developed for commercial refrigeration and vehicles in particular, a live display of product in-situ was also a valuable part of their TCS&D presence. Showcasing a new 'invisible' refrigeration unit posed a new challenge as we sought to make visible something a clever product development team had purposely hidden. Employing a simpler tactic delivered a great solution, showcasing this high-tech installation by creating a custom ramp, mirror and graphic set to perfectly position Hubbards vehicle display just outside from their main stand.

With new product innovation to showcase, a growing business to feed with new prospects and cool delivery of an elevated brand presence, we were incredibly proud to support Hubbard and their successful exhibiting at TCS&D 2021. As events once again defrost and demand for this marketing channel continues to heat up, we look forward to keeping our cool, delivering the extraordinary our clients expect...even if it might have been a little while.


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