Lockdown 2.0 : What's happening at Image?

So here we are entering lockdown 2.0 which will no doubt prove challenging for many of us both personally and professionally. With this time of year typically one of our busiest at Image Display & Graphics, the difference feels particularly stark. We certainly miss working with our extraordinary clients across their events, with this period of time last year filled with varied projects across the UK and Europe. However, whilst the way we help our clients might have changed, our commitment to extraordinary outcomes and services remains the same.

We wanted to share what's happening across the wider Image family of businesses. Our creative team has adapted to keep our creative design, marketing and brand services sharing the stories of clients at Image Development. Meanwhile our 3D design and manufacture has turned to the gardens of our clients, with Image Garden Rooms continuing to capture interest and imagination as we help people create their perfect space to work, play or relax at home.

Needless to say, while we miss events, we're doing our best to stay busy in these odd times. We're also still here for a virtual catch up, coffee or phone call, with the relationships we build our businesses on more important than ever...

Read on to see what we're up to and how we might be able to help you even as we all manage lockdown 2

Image Garden Rooms - built around you with design and functionality at their heart

Make space for the unexpected with Image Garden Rooms

Whether work, play or relaxation, there's no doubt many of us are asking much more of the space we have at home. If you're planning to add functional space to your home in 2021, we'd be delighted to discuss your ideas and provide a stylish solution that suits you and your family.

Whether a home office, home gym setup, family room, gaming den or multi-purpose space, we've turned our extraordinary design and manufacture capabilities to the back garden. Developing our own unique specification and supported by the same attention to detail, striking style and service we've honed for 30 years in modular construction, our garden rooms are truly built around you with complete peace of mind.

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Wondering what we mean by garden rooms? Check out our handy article on what a garden room actually is here.

Plus we've compared the costs of garden rooms with those of commuting and other home extension, with some surprising results. See more here.

Creative marketing, brand and design built on experience

At Image Development we continue to help clients deliver the best experience of their brand.

Extending across marketing & brand strategy, digital marketing and creative design, we ensure our clients are at the centre of our collaborative honest approach to marketing.

Many of our events and exhibitions clients have come to know us so well as Image Display & Graphics, that they forget our marketing roots. Reasserting these roots, we've committed to grow our marketing services and (re)launch our Image Development brand in support of our clients.

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Are you a small local business preparing for a rather odd Christmas in 2020? Be sure to explore our DIY Marketing Packages that we've put together specifically for you.

Seeing the BIGGER picture with graphics, signage and display services

With staff working from home once again and many workplaces adapting, it could be a good time to review your office decor and layout.

We recently helped Pentaco construction update their office interior, with a range of graphics as well as safety products to help manage covid upon their team's return. Whilst this return has, like many been delayed, there's still good reason to invest in a workplace that supports safety, wellbeing and brand.

Explore our graphics & display services here at Image Display & Graphics.

Whilst we're keen to offer our services and continue our own recovery to support our staff, collaborators and clients, we know this is not an easy time for anyone. Many businesses are hurting, as are their staff. We pride ourselves on delivering extraordinary values even in times of extraordinary pressure. As we enter another lockdown, we extend our best wishes to all of you and welcome a virtual catch, up call or connection as we all support each other through these odd times.

Stay safe and we look forward to working with you again soon!