Making more of modular exhibition stands?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The term “modular exhibition stand” used to conjure up images of nyloop covered panels with clips, poles and base plates. You'd have to assemble them to provide a very basic, utilitarian looking display. Onto this may have been attached various Velcro fixed posters and photos, more often than not ending up being all very uninspired! Fortunately those days are now behind us and the choice of modular display equipment and systems we have at our disposal are much more effective, innovative and user friendly.

Years ago LEGO® was a pretty plain box of coloured building bricks and assorted, standard components which left you to your own devices, reliant on your imagination to build something creative. Today that product has evolved, LEGO Technic® and Themed LEGO® kits empower any child or indeed 'bigger' kids, to create all manner of exciting vehicles, structures and imaginary worlds with the assistance of a simple set of easy to follow plans and instructions. The modular exhibition and display sector of today draws much inspiration from this success, customising their modular components in more creative and cohesive fashion. Similar to the humble LEGO® brick many of the components we use to create modular exhibition stands are still of a standard size and use. However using some of the more innovative systems available, it is possible to call upon and create customised elements to integrate in modular stand designs, providing unique yet equally flexible display solutions for a wide range of exhibition needs. Even better for the self-builders and busy exhibitors, many of the savvy modular exhibition systems are becoming tool free when it comes to assembly.  

As with any stand design and build project there is much to consider when deciding on the correct approach to take for the event. From a custom build perspective, the task can be more straightforward as invariably it will be event / exhibition specialist who will be designing, building, transporting and carrying out the final build and commissioning prior to the event. However when it comes to modular and semi portable systems that a client may want to build themselves, it's worth remembering that “not all are created equal”. Indeed often the inferred or recommended choice offered by a single manufacturer is far from being the ideal solution suggested. It’s here that forward planning to carefully consider all possible requirements and space at your events will pay off in deciding on the most appropriate system, or indeed approach altogether. We are pleased that we do not ever place a single manufacturer or method on a pedestal, instead we apply the same care and end to end support to ensure we guide clients to right system for them and their needs.

We like to think our success as exhibition and event specialists over more than 30 eventful years has equipped us with the knowledge and experience to offer expert advice on the subject. We invite you to explore some of the projects we’ve been involved with this year and continue to support at a variety of levels to suit our individual client’s needs.


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