Reopening Events, Rebuilding Confidence

Good news!

Phew, we don't feel like we've said that for a while here in the events industry. As of the 1st October, the UK government has now confirmed that events, exhibitions and conferences can go ahead. Good news indeed. However with this date in the calendar, we know there's still plenty of work to do on building confidence in order to return to these events safely, securely and successfully.

This is why we have created our Reopening Events and Exhibitions Guide for Exhibitors. We've been keenly keeping an eye on the incredible efforts across the events industry to plan how we reopen events safely. However, you might not have been quite as keen as us. After all with lockdown and challenges being felt across so many industries, chances are you've had your own worries. But with our guide ready for download now, our aim is to make sure that returning to events isn't a worry. In fact it could be a big win for you and your business. Events offer huge boosts for economies, employment and engage audiences. We know that a little boost to confidence is all it might take to get your planning your next event or exhibition.

There will be considerable challenges ahead, but we strongly believe that we will recover better together. We remain committed to our extraordinary values and the high quality service you have come to expect. Built around you, we are ready to help you successfully return to events or even successfully re-route your event marketing efforts elsewhere.

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