Returning to live events: We're Ready When You Are!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

2021 has kicked off with another mixed bag of fortunes and continued worries as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rule and more alarmingly take our lives. We have the carrot of the vaccine which although a little way down the line is tantalisingly with the promise of our liberty perhaps returning to near normal levels somewhere between summer and the autumn. In the meantime it’s important that we all remain patient, respect each other and follow the lockdown rules as well as heed the governments revived core advertising campaign; “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives”.

It’s been almost a year since all events, exhibitions and trade fairs were closed down and we know that many of our clients are as keen as we are to get back to the days of “face to face”. The limited virtues offered by the likes of “Webinars” “Teams” and “Zoom” exhausted by many as the novelty has worn off both for staff and clients alike. We’ve been really encouraged by several clients getting in touch to discuss and begin planning their return to live events, experiential projects and trade fairs. The big question has been when will venues actually fully reopen? Show organisers have been busy releasing new dates, many now being the anniversary of the same event cancelled last year. The last official date given by the government for events to recommence was 1 April 2021. However considering the recent changes with the virus and pandemic that’s probably a little optimistic and is probably bound to change. Combine this with the typical timeline for the planning process and the post summer and the autumn event season seems a safer bet and where our focus is. Needless to say we’re ready to help you design plan and structure your next event when you are, so please get in touch as soon as you like.


Displays, graphics and experiential

Of course as we all start to get back to normal in the coming months we’re keen to get back to doing what we do best with our full range of design, print and display manufacturing services. You may have noticed that we’ve been reminding clients over the past months about the “Bigger Picture at Image” as our talents and in house capabilities extend much further than events and exhibitions. In particular we’ve been drawing attention to the core elements that are built into all that we do, large format print, displays, graphics and signage. Whilst there may not have been such a great requirement over recent months we’re hoping we’ll see more demand for this area of our business as things start to return to normal. Certainly we’ve come to focus more on this area of our business during the pandemic as the need for Covid-19 signs and displays emerged as did the requirement for the management of work, retail and office environments. These are areas where our ability to be able to design, print, manufacture and install have been invaluable as has our display hire for temporary office screens. There’s also been the opportunity, while staff have been home working, to revamp some client’s office interiors, reception areas and meeting rooms ready for when staff return to the workplace.

Needless to say if we can help you with a sign, display or graphics project please get in touch.